Friends - Soundtrack

25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition!


Limited Edition Hot Pink Vinyl 2LP - 3000 Copies!


The soundtrack to one of the most successful sitcoms in U.S. TV history is now available on vinyl LP! When the show was originally aired, CDs were all the rage. How's the saying go? If you wait long enough, all things come back in style again? (or something to that affect). Well, LPs are back in style and Friends, the TV show, never went out of style. Relive your favorite moments of the show with songs from the soundtrack including the theme song by The Rembrandts, "I'll Be There For You".



- 1 -

1. I'll Be There For You (Tv Version) - the Rembrandts

2. I Go Blind - Hootie & the Blowfish

3. Good Intentions - Toad the Wet Sprocket

4. You'll Know You Were Loved - Lou Reed

5. Sexuality - K.D. Lang

6. Shoe Box - Barenaked Ladies

7. It's a Free World Baby - R.E.M.

- 2 -

1. Sunshine - Paul Westerberg

2. Angel of the Morning - Pretenders

3. In My Room - Grant Lee Buffalo

4. Big Yellow Taxi (Traffic Jam Mix) - Joni Mitchell

5. Snowman / Ashes / Dead Mother Medley - Lisa Kudrow

6. Stain Yer Blood - Paul Westerberg

7. I'll Be There For You (Long Version) - the Rembrandts

Friends - Soundtrack

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