Killing Joke - Laugh At Your Peril – Live in Berlin

Recorded live at Huxley's, Neue Welt on the band's 40th anniversary Laugh at Your Peril in 2018.

It features the original line up of Jaz Coleman, Geordie Walker, Paul Ferguson and Youth on typically ferocious form and with a 22 track set list. Tracks include Love Like Blood, Eighties, New Cold War, Requiem, Follow The Leaders, The Death and Resurrection Show, Pssyche, Change, Wardance, Pandemonium and more. This is the sound of a band undiminished by time and as relevant to their times as ever. Maybe even more so.

Exclusive to RSD 2020, this gatefold 3-LP, 5-sided special edition is pressed on Neon Pink vinyl. Side 6 features original artwork by Youth and words from Jaz Coleman etched into the vinyl.

Killing Joke - Laugh At Your Peril – Live in Berlin

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